Frequently Asked Questions
Do you serve food?

We have locally roasted nuts, chips, and chocolate. We usually have foodtrucks on weekends, you can check our schedule by clicking on the foodtruck icon on the homepage. Feel free to bring in your own food as well. We also have menus from local places that do deliver.
Do you serve wine?

We do not serve wine. However, you can bring in your own wine. There is a $7 per bottle corking fee. Looking for wine? There are two excellent close wineries, Karma Vista and Contessa within a couple miles of the brewery.
Are you dog friendly?

YES! if they are cute...We love dogs too! However, they are not allowed inside the brewery. You may have them on the front patio as long as they are leashed and do not bark excessively. Need water? just ask us...
Why don't you have TVs?

We do not have TVs because we believe in being social. A brewery is a great place to come with friends and family and enjoy each other's company over a pint of deliscious locally crafted beer. It is also a great place to make new friends as well. That is hard to do when everyone is staring at TV. Besides...when is the last time you seen a TV in a winery? Alone at the brewery? No problem! Our bartenders were specially bred to be chatty and interesting. Hit them up with a conversation.
Are kids allowed?

Minors are allowed into the brewery. They can even bring their parents. We do make our own craft soda here as well. We do ask that you supervise your clan. A brewery can be a dangerious place and we do not allow running around. We do respectively ask that all minors leave by 9pm. Exception if they are 17 years or older and are your desginated driver.